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Önskar er en underbar dag! 

Midsummer weekend! This weekend is booked for the light and for the Magic of the seven!

Here up in north, in Sweden, we are having a tradition where we celebrate the light. The longest day were the light is winning over the darkness, Midsummer. It is a magical night when the sun doesn’t really set. For most of us Swedes it is perhaps the most important tradition of the entire year. People are suddenly coming out in the nature to celebrate the light. It is said to be the magical day and night where you should be able to meet the love of your life in your dream by picking seven different flowers and laying them under your pillow. Important is that you pick the flowers in silence, without talking. And in older days you also should be jumping over seven fences as well. 
The number seven has always been looked upon as something special. In numerology it stands for being curious and also spiritual. We can talk about a week have seven days, the rainbow has seven colours, the seven deadly sins, the seven wonders of the world and so on...
The magic of number seven goes back from Sumerians 3000 years back as the oldest we know about. Most likely it is based from different phenomenon from nature as I earlier mentioned: the seven colours of the rainbow, as the seven planets that where known of at that time, the sun, moon, Mercurius, Venus, March, Jupiter Saturnus. After that other religion have catch up on the number seven as number with special magical skills.


What I wanted to say is that we really should praise that light always wins over the dark. And our souls are aiming for us to choose the good, the light before that dark and evil. Think of how the seeds of a flower are drawn to the light to be able to grow. And how everything gets back to life in the spring when the sun starts to warm the earth again. 
Light = love. And love is the most powerful force in the Universe. If you are not able to feel love, what is then worth something in life, is my question?
 It sometimes seems to be an easier or more tempting way to gain power from the dark side but is also have its price. An incredible emptiness, since it is not meant to be this way. When the power you had is not longer, when you have all material things and toys that you had desired, what is left then? When you are ill and to no benefit to anyone anymore, who should then stand by your side if you didn’t have love in your life.

Love is more powerful than anything else. 
Love is to ask” What can I do for You?” Not” What can this person do for me?”
I just want to sow a seed in your mind. 
It is beautiful to honour the Light! The love! 
Do that in your life, focus on your own light and discover the light of other people. 
And celebrate it together. 
I’ll praise and celebrate the light and love this weekend, so we talk again on Monday. 
Just a note... The Swedes honouring’s of love and light results in that many beautiful souls enter this world nine months later. 
I wish you a beautiful Midsummer weekend, my friend.

Today we will talk about gratitude.
I would like to say to live with gratitude and grace is as a way to understand things that happens in your life. Not just the good things but also the challenges. It is a blessing to go through a challenge and then understand why you went through this and what it gave you. That is something to be grateful for because now you have grown a bit more as a person. 
Gratitude is also to accept things as they are. After that you are able to make changes. Gratitude turns denial into acceptance, turns our failures into gifts, chaos into order, and make sense of our past and give us peace.

When you close your eyes and look inside there is always an inner light that will guide you, a light that shines bright and beautifully. When you let gratitude rule your life and listen to the inner dialogue between your soul and the spirit it will heal you. Feel the light flow through your emotions and through your thoughts, your hole entire body. It will balance and give you faith and graciousness. By looking for the blessings in your life you open up to the inner light. By open your heart you and the things around you will change. Nothing around you changes, you change.

We have all struggled. I would say that outside struggles are a sign, a signal from our inner self, our soul, that we are not in balance. If you are not fully living in the now, in the present moment nothing is ever enough. Gratitude is also to live in the present moment. To be happy to just be here and now.

To be able have a loving relationship, gratitude is what makes it living and expanding. When you thank and appreciate each other and forgive small differences that are disturbing the peace it will make you receive the love you are giving. Even the body changes with this and give us healing effects and biochemical changes. It is much more important to appreciate the things that are uniting us than the things that are dividing us. When you open up a room in your mind for gratitude that will change everything around you, a path to the flow of grace. With this you are able to change yourself and let the love flow in your life and to change the environment around you. Think of that, my friend. 
So, start this week by being and living in grace.
Align your energy with grateful intentions every day.

Today we will talk about what truth is.
What is truth?
I don’t think it is easy to find a quick answer!
How many levels of truth are existing?
Each one of us has our own truth, focusing on our life, on our dreams or even on our own fears. So how can we handle with other people’s truth and share ours?
I think that we need to have a high level of kind understanding for that we all have our own way to go. We need that to receive our personal teaching in this life and to allow the growing of our Spirit and of our Soul on its path to reach eternal peace.

From the beginning of mankind we are searching for the answer through our believes
in religions and philosophical thoughts. All those reflexions are bringing the same answer - Love and Compassion. 

Love and compassion to live with, the wish to talk, to act and to think without hurting another living beings, humans, animals, trees, rivers... That’s the truth for me.
The mantra, Om mani Padme hum, is the main mantra of the Tibetan Buddhists, saying ”Every thing that I do in my life is a jewel that I put in a lotus flower.” Everything I’m thinking, saying and doing is important and I have to take responsibility of that. I should do all this with love. I think it is a beautiful way of living and thinking.

So, let us just imagine our world if each human being would live like this... With this thinking in their life. It would change our world quite much to the better.
Just another thought I want to share with you, my friend.

Today we will talk about our mind.
First of all what is a mind? As I see it, it is a mixture of our ego, our thoughts, our immediate needs and wishes. Maybe not always in balance and contact with our soul.
The mind could be like a naughty child that is wanting things all the time. Trying and challenging the limits to see where we will say stop. Asking for more the whole time never getting satisfied. Wanting those easy, quick fixes. 
We have had this with us since we were born. 
I think we have to learn to work with our mind a bit. It seems necessary since we need to listen to and learn what is really good for us.

We also have to challenge ourselves to become true as we talked about yesterday. Our ego is good for to keep us alive, to provide for us for that reason. Things we are doing and thinking just doesn’t always have to be for our own happiness. We have to see through that to grow as humans and souls. Also know that it is for a higher purpose. A teaching in wisdom. 
When we feel good, I mean really good, in all our being, about things we are doing, then you are acting in agreement with your soul. 
Put a little work in to get that feeling, my friend.

Let’s talk about forgiveness today, my friend.
To forgive someone that have acting wrongly towards you is a great release. 
To forgive yourself for ending up in this situation or creating the situation is also, I would say, essential. Many times you feel ashamed of have been a part of a certain incident. You might not even be the one that created that situation, just someone that became a victim of it.
You still feel guilty about this that has happened.
I got to think about a philosophy used by Hawaiian healers called Hoʻoponopono (ho-o-pono-pono) and is a Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness, similar forgiveness. Hoʻoponopono corrects, restores and maintains good relationships among family members, friends and with their gods or God by getting to the causes and sources of trouble. The process begins with prayer. A statement of the problem is made, and the transgression discussed. Everyone included are expected to work problems through and cooperate, not "hold fast to the fault".

One or more periods of silence may be taken for reflection on the entanglement of emotions and injuries. Everyone's feelings are acknowledged. 
Then confession, repentance and forgiveness take place. Everyone releases each other, letting go. Cut off the past and together close the event with a ceremonial feast, symbolic of the release. Ponopono is defined as "to put to rights; to put in order or shape, correct, revise, adjust, amend, regulate, arrange, rectify, tidy up, make orderly or neat."
It is really a wise and interesting way to act and to think about.
The most important thing with forgiveness is to give yourself healing. And not to let this energy destroy your life or win over you. I would say not letting an incident that took place rule over your life here and now or over your souls next journey.
Let no anger or guilt domineer over your life as a black, wet blanket. 
Be powerful, my friend, win and let the sun in to your life again.

How do I know when it is time for changes?
Today the door might close behind you. Perhaps temporarily, perhaps permanently... It has of course it’s meaning, as there always is a new door opening when one is closes. When the new doors open, new possibilities are waiting for you. 
When things around you start to go wrong and you’re constantly in a struggle it is time for a change, to move forward. We have talked about this earlier. I would say that it is a sign that you no longer are at the right place or where you should be. It is time for a change. Time to close a door to be able to open a new one. 
What I myself have experienced is that new doors doesn’t open until you really closed one behind you.

You can’t have one open on a glance, that doesn’t count says Universe. 
You need to be bold, brave and dare to draw a line towards the past to be free. Open up for new possibilities. 
Don’t cling on to what you thought you knew to be true. Have the courage to venture to the unseen and unknown. Become aware that you now are ready to move forward and make profound changes, to take the next step at your journey. 
Don’t force anything, release your resistance and fear. Just trust and go for the way that feels right. Feel free.
This is a day for awakening and changes, so be brave my friend. Allow yourself to be happy.

Today I would like to talk about the value of money.
Just think a while - what is money? 
And what kind of relationship do you have with money?
I would dare to say that money is driving the world and are the strongest religion on earth. We are sometimes working very hardly to earn just a few bucks, to be able to live in this life, to get the wheels rolling so to say. And often we are dreaming of to become richer and to have a better life, an easier life. That is nothing wrong with that.

To have a lot of money also gives us power, strengths and capacity to earn more money. Gives us power over others.
A huge house, cars, holidays, jewellery and so on. We are building our image, creating the world we want to be a part of. Rich and famous. And when we got most of our dreams fulfilled we are still longing for more. And more. And more.
If we allow us to only let money be our God, we will soon be suffering. No matter what you do or aim for in your life, you will feel empty inside if your heart and soul are not in the game. 
I’d say that we all wish to have an economy that is good enough so that we don’t have to worry about being able to pay our bills every month. Maybe let us be able to take the journey we have been longing for, writing the book that is waiting for to be written or just make our life a bit easier... It is not at all that I’m after. What I am thinking of is when people, nature and animals are becoming victims under the whip to get lower costs to earn more money. At any price. Not thinking of health, of destroying the nature, hurting animals just to get more money.

Just for us consumer to be able to get more choices, lower prices, to consume more and more. 
What will we enjoying when everything is used up, destroyed?

Our real richness is our health, the Love that we are allowed to share with others. The nature and the beauty of Earth. When we are losing this are we often ready to give everything to get it back. 
Happiness is not to have material things or power. Just think of many people that are living without water or food in a very poor environment. Still they often they have lives shared with their families in a loving way. And there will always be someone there for them when life turns. We can become quite lonely if we are not living according to what our soul asks for us.
Do you have that in your life, my friend, someone who is there for you? 
We have to live our life and treat the people, animals and environment the way we wish to be treated. Need to learn to share and not just following our desires. Appreciate what we have. Live with what we need to have but not just wish for more all the time. Having compassion with others. Acknowledge the poorest among us. Acknowledge that all living beings have just the same right to the beauty of the Earth. Not just people with money that want to dictate the rules. The Earth belong to all of us and it is everyone’s responsibility to defend and shield.

So what are the real valuable things in life? 
Is money a way to have a better life, and what is a better life? Think about this a bit. I just want to share my thoughts about this matter, my friend.

We will talk about making choices.
To make a choice to give something up or to let it go, or to stay and fight for things that are important in your life. 
When a challenge comes in to our life it is many times easy to give up and surrender, instead of standing up and fight for something worth fighting for. For a relationship that is important in your life, for an understanding, for a pathway that seems unreachable but so important for you to go. 
And of course, relationships. Relationships are seldom easy, especially family relationships, since you are kind of stuck with each other by ties of blood, but mostly of ties of love. It isn’t without meaning that many of the toughest challenges are within the family. To be able to be understood, to be accepted for who and what you are, to not be judged, to be able to escape from traditional expectations and last but not least to feel loved. 
Me myself felt like a strange bird in my family and was very unhappy many times, doing my best to fit in. But I didn’t really. And I questioned myself, many times, if I was loved, if I was worth to be loved. As many times I didn’t think I was. I created my own family with my friends who understood me and saw and accepted me. And I was ready to give up and let go of my family by blood. But I didn’t. Luckily.
I understand now that I was loved, that it really was so. I was loved but it was not just in the way I thought it should be. It was in the way they could love me. And when I finally realised that it was like the storm inside me, the raging sea inside me, calmed down.

I understood there is not only one way to show love or to be loved. There are many. My choice became to also accept people for what they were and take and enjoy those pieces that were good. Accept and acknowledge that. 
What I want to say with this is that it is sometimes worth to fight and not letting go. And that every challenge is giving you an opportunity to find a deeper meaning to life and be a gateway to something greater...
 If you make the choice to let go of an unhealthy and destructive relationship were you just feel that is impossible for you to stay in, that is of course completely right. I’m just saying, looking to myself, sometimes it is worth to put up a fight before you let go. 
At least you then know that you have done what you were able to do. 
A choice must not be for forever. Time will also heal many relationships. Things appear in your life and hopefully both you and other peoples involved grow, get wisdom through their challenges in life. Learn to see things from different angels that sometimes can heal and create understanding and forgiveness.

Something I know for sure; there is only with love you can change someone else.
Remember that, my dear friend. Let you be healed. Love heals.

Today we will talk about inspiration.✨
I would say that inspiration is a whisper from Universe. 
We are, each of us, being spoken to in a language that we are able to understand. 
What is inspiration? I would dare to say that everything starts with a thought, a feeling. Perhaps an urge to write, paint, making music, listen to music, looking at art and so on. The nature inspires me a lot with its never-ending beauty, but I also keep getting fascinated of how wisely everything is constructed. There are so many things that can give you inspiration from the smallest to the biggest.

When you are getting, what I will call, a divine inspiration that is when you create something immortal, that will last, that always will be acknowledge. I would say music, the classical music, Beethoven and the others, but also our classics Queen, Beatles. Paintings that gives inspiration through time like Mona Lisa, Sandro Botticelli” Birth of Venus”,

Shakespeare and many others that are examples on inspiration that are divine and keep inspiering people year after year. That will live and keep on living. 
Scenes from our daily life can inspire us. Just think how many novels, movies and books that have got inspired from daily life. New fashion stiles have been created with inspiration from the what’s happening on the streets. Maybe you will get inspired how you want your life to be and perhaps get inspired to go for a new direction or path. 
As we talked about earlier the power of our thoughts are incredibly strong. And you are able to create a magical life. Or to create the opposite. 
Inspiration, fantasy and thoughts, all those things, or I would rather call it sources, come from the Universe. We just have to learn to listen, to take in the feeling and to learn how to trust in what we are receiving. Just imagine and realise what powerful tools you have in your hands, for your own creation! My, friend you have this power, use it! Get inspired!

Today we will talk about the power of the voice.
In Sweden we have a saying that to talk is good, but to be silent is even better, silence is gold, meaning that you should be careful with what you are saying and maybe also listen more before you speak. Also thinking of that gossiping, by spreading words/information you don’t really know is true could be quite hurtful for the person that you’re talking about. 
I would say that silence is gold, but the spoken word is power and intention!
What we many times doesn’t think of is that our voice is a vibration, a frequency and also an energy. It isn’t just what kind of words we choice to speak, it is also how they are spoken. 
Think of how a voice can be very different and make different impression. For example, if there is a person who signs a song with an ordinary voice it can be nice. But if there is a fabulous singer that sings with passion and intensity it really touches you!
VOICES are pure energy! 
We have to choose how we will use our voice. Having the choice to send love, kindness, knowledge, wisdom,

prayers… or hate, suffering and ignorance.To use our voice and words as something beautiful or to create pain. As healing or destruction. 
We need to understand the importance and the power of each voice on earth. The importance we all have. That’s why it is necessary to care about our words, and how we are saying them, both towards others, but also about ourselves. Create or destroy.

Since we know that energy never disappears, just changing in to different shapes, can we imagine that our words are building our energy, what we have chosen to give away, to send to the Universe and blend with all other energies, everyone’s voices.
With all that energy, power, wouldn’t it marvellous to clean our earth with beautiful words! A lot of poets have done this since the beginning of mankind. 
We have just to realise and believe in this holy power that we have. If we would create all together, we could change our life’s immediately.
Think the thought, my friend. And use your voice wisely. Create beauty.

Today we will be talking about us.✨
We all are perfect as we are, and we are all different one from the other.
We all have our own talents and we don’t have to compare ourselves to, or judge, others.
Our mission in our life, if we can say mission, is to discover our own abilities, and to use them for our own wellbeing. And also, for other people’s wellness.
Just think how lovely it is to delight someone.

Your talents or skills doesn’t have to give you the Nobel price. Not at all. (But if it does that is also quite ok). Skills can be so many different things, gardening or cooking, cheering up people with your smile, putting things together, repairing things, create a good feeling around you.
Perhaps if you are creating something artistic that will

attract people and get them to think, to dream or just enjoy. 
Just to allow yourself to be who and what you are and to share it. 
Not everyone of us will be famous, and we don’t need to that to feel good, but each of us can bring light in this world, within the family, friends, in your neighborhood, or workplace.
It is all those small pieces, beautiful pieces, that creates the world and makes our lives special. Just imagine how wonderful the world would be if it was just nourished by people that are happy to do what they are doing. And that also are appreciating themselves for what they are. 
Let your divine self, your soul, guide your life and enjoy and embrace yourself for everything that you are and everything that is you.

Today we will talk about how you find your way back.✨
You might be feeling a little lost or confused right now. 
It is time to listen to your heart. 
When you are questioning which direction you should go, what path to take and what you really want from life, it’s time to listen to your inner self. 
Life is so much more than your achievements. There’s so much beauty in life if you just allow yourself to see it. So much Magic. So many signs. You just have to choose to see it. Unlock the piece that you’ve kept looked away for ages that hold the essence of the real you.
When you reconnect with your true nature, the creative, sacred and infinite part that is you, things around you start to show its true face and nature.

Showing you how to look at people and your surrounding in a different way. You will see the purpose of things that’s happening. Take a step back and see the bigger picture, it will help you to balance and find how to be the sensitive, healthy and loving person that you are.

Calm your mind by meditating and prepare for the heighten sense of spiritual connection that will help you over the next coming days and that will connect you with yourself and all living things. Prepare for the force that is awakening you and will let you see and be able to create the magic in your life.

Now is a good time to listen to your heart!​​​​​​​

Today we will talk about if it is always good to speak your mind.✨
A very strange formulation you might think. Of course, it is very important to tell what you think and not lie. What I am thinking of is when you have friends or family, or people around you that feel that there is a need for them to say what they are thinking. Saying their thoughts or” truths” without for a moment consider how it could affect the person they are talking to. Or if it might hurt the person. Maybe even deprives them of the happiness they are in. 
I had a business partner quite a long time ago that was very good at so to say ”telling the truth” as she put it, to people without being asked to. She was hurting people or destroyed their good mood many times without realising it. For example it could be someone that just have been at the hairdresser and got new hairstyle that was told ”I think you fit much better in your older style!” or to say to person that had done a draft for a project and just proudly presented it ”I understand that you didn’t have time to think this through!” She, herself, was very upset if someone else told her some ”truthful” things back and thought they were very unpolite and insensitive. Another express I can tell you about, is a woman that have been through quite a hard time for some years and now was happy to be in balance again and also have met a wonderful man. She now is very grateful and happy, and maybe she has met the last and most beautiful love in her life and she want to tell a close relative about that, wanting to share her happiness. 
Big mistake!
The other person was very fast with telling her that she shouldn’t be too sure about that, because sooner or later it will go to hell! 

Just guess how the woman felt after that.
Why, is my question, couldn’t this person just let her be happy in the moment. 
Why couldn’t she just let her have this beautiful moment of happiness instead of coming with her” truth”. Which is really just her thoughts based on her disappointments in life?
This is just an example on how we easily can destroy a good feeling for others. ✨continues in comments..✨
words_of_the_magician✨ And also, be the victim of” truthtellers” or rather thought tellers. Because the truth are not theirs. The truth you can feel in your soul. 
Again, I would say that words and how we use it is powerful and really can change thing in both directions. Destroy or heal. Is it really so important to have your own thoughts said, out? What use does it make? I
Just think about how many times haven’t people discourage you by being negative or patronizing about ideas or thoughts that you have had? Or giving you examples on peoples that have tried and failed? 
Why are we and other doing this? 
I don’t think it is to be mean or hurtful. Maybe we are just not thinking of how hard our words can land and what an effect they could have... Let yourself and others be in that bright feeling. If they will be needed a shoulder to lean on, be we then, as a good friend. 
But just remember both how to use your words and thoughts. And also, that you yourself shouldn’t pay any attention to what other people say. 
Believe in your love and in your happiness. Allow you to enjoy life.

Today we will talk about respecting your own gifts.
Why do you think healing and spiritual growth does not work with you? When does it work with others? What are your thoughts about yourself, how do you think and act on yourself? Do you respect and love enough? And can you say to yourself, I love and will respect my choices and decisions. Many questions may, but quite important to dare ask yourself. This really is a huge step to take to get the inner joy that leads you to true freedom and to joy, and to also get guidance for higher knowledge and perhaps wisdom. The question you're asking now is, "How can I do that?"

The answer is written in your heart: Follow your intuitions, believe in yourself, be proud to be different! Because the universe needs you as you are. So live with love, compassion and respect for others, and do it first for those people you normally never want it for. Those who never could understand who and what you are. At that moment, you create peace in your heart, for you and your soul. The material part of your life will balance with the spiritual part, and a higher understanding of the purpose of your real life will open an unexpected door for you to a fulfilled life. So would not it be wonderful to enjoy your life as a divine gift, my friend?

A little advise on your your journey of life maybe...
Life is not only about to be a challenge, it is also to be aware of the beautyful things around you. Our journey is to learn and live through different kind of feelings and emotions. To improve ourself and to go through that kind of experience that your soul needs to get knowledge of. Life is also to dare to have faith in the darkest of days. You see, everything we go through has its meaning, even if it is hidden for us for the moment to understand. Believe that in the darkest nights of your life you are always eternally loved, even in the most bleak and barren seasons in your life. 
Be aware of the beauty! 
We are surreneded with the magic of Earth!

There is soo much beauty in life! 
The beauty of nature, the drop of rain, the rainbow, the quiet moonlight on water, the sound of the wind in the trees, the beauty in the eyes of someone that loves you, the warm feeling when your dog is greating you, the wonder of true love and how to be loved for just the one you are. The list could be endless...
We many times think we are growing just through challenges... but we are also growing by beleiving in love. And that everything has it’s meaning. 
Remember the dark times are only here temporary and know that light will return, always. So light the sparkle within you. Let it be Light, my friend.

Today’s energy is great for transformation and will help us make a change in our lives. 
In our modern, sometimes chaotic life, it’s easy to forget to take care of ourselves, and forget that your body and soul are a unit and affects each other. 
You need to take care of the two, so do something that will strengthen both. Work out or perhaps go out for a walk and take in the beauty of the nature around you. 
Today’s energy will help you make a change, go towards something better, while at the same time help you develop as a person! 
Think about the butterfly when it goes from a cocoon to becoming a beautiful creature. The same will happen to your soul when you transform and grow. 
If you have an aspect of your life that you would like to change, today will be an excellent day to start that transformation.

The energies will help you get in the right direction to be able to get what you desire and the person you aspire to be. Don’t let others influence your decisions, but go within yourself for answers. Meditate and sense what feels right. The road to your goals might not be the one you had in mind, but feel safe and comfortable that you are getting guided in the right direction. 
You are the one that create and form your own life and the path you will walk. 
You have the power to change your future. The universe is giving you a push in the right direction and will help you find your way. There’s no boundaries when you follow your soul’s voice. 
Be brave and be strong!

Today it is important that you look at things from a higher perspective.
When you are in the middle of things it’s not easy to see things clear. Right now you are too close to see things clearly. 
If you are in some kind of emotional strain you should take a step back and not take any important decisions until you can see a bit more of the whole picture. 
By taking a step back and view the problem by emotionally detaching from it, a simple solution will become clear. 

Choose to detox from unwanted influences and spend your time with people, animals, things and places that raise your vibration. 
It gives you balance and makes it easier for you to see what’s worth what.
What things are the most important in this situation. 
Clean your aura and spirit by being among those who gives you energy and joy. 
And you will see clearer what choice to make and what path you should take.

Today is a great day for you to take steps that shows you your true self and a great day to learn to trust in your strengths and powers. 
It is time to set boundaries towards others to be able to keep your energy, but also to maintain your self respect. Sometimes we exhaust ourselves just to please others, like friends, family and co-workers. Don’t go against your own feelings. If you feel like others are taking too much of your energy, your time, your love without giving much back it’s up to you to say ”No, here is my limit!” Respect yourself and what you stand for.
By doing that you will gain you strength back as well as respect from other. 

It will also show you who your true friends are, your true love. True love and true friendship allows the other person to grow, without restrains. Knowing that an open mind, and open spirit always will be true in every aspects. 
Remember that you have the right to independence. To set boundaries. No one controls you. See the divine spark that makes you know who you are. 
Know that an Angel watches over you. 
All will work out fine and will unfold gracefully in its own time

Dream big!
Let your hidden dreams come to the surface today... It’s time to create your world as YOU want it, so let your dreams manifest.

Every little thing that is created started out as a though in someone’s mind. Everything that’s now big, important and miraculous was also once a thought. 
It all starts out as one single though, a wish, a demand from your heart, as a whisper from your soul.

There’s so many things in our modern life that affects our energy and vibrations that we just have to accept, like mobile phones, the internet, the radio and so on. All of these things are vibrations, receiving or sending out waves of energy on different levels and at different intensity. Same goes for your thoughts, they are also energy working in the same ways as the rest of the energy around us. 
Every though creates an energy, a vibration and in that way has an effect. Energy never disappears, it just changes in to another kind of energy. So, what I want to say to you by this is that you should understand the power of thoughts. With this you can either build up or tear down your life. 
It all depends on where you put your focus. The things you are focusing on are what you will get more of. Good or bad. 


Try to only create positive thoughts for one week and you will see the difference. 
I would also like you to change your negative thoughts to something positive every time you feel those thoughts popping up.

You see, the secret is out, it is revealed. The secret is that YOU can change your life by changing your thoughts. 
It is not just that you are sending thoughts of a certain frequency out to others. No, you are also receiving the same kind of thoughts as you send out. People, things and situations with the same frequency are drawn to you. Good or bad. It’s really your choice.
Your body is listening to your thoughts; therefore you can recreate every cell in your body with your mind. Amazing? Yes! True? Certainly! You have the key in your hand. Try it! Dare to believe. 
Fill your heart with creative light and let your mind be illuminated so that all of your thoughts can find its right place. Be like a bolt of lightning from universe, that awakens your creativity and let you create your dream. 
This is the time for dreaming big! 
Good luck, my friend! 
Don’t forget that you are divine, and there are no limits except for your own mind.
A wise friend of mine told me ”You can never tame a dreamer!” So dream on, create your beautiful life.

Today is all about understanding.

Something you love might be coming to an end. 
And of course, it is natural to grieve this and to be sad, but also try to understand that every meeting has its own beauty, challenges and time. 
Some meetings and relationships might last for a whole lifetime, while others are only meant for a shorter period of time. 
The beauty and strength of love does not necessarily have to do with the length of a relationship. There are meetings that only lasts for a day, as well as ones that lasts for a lifetime. A brief meeting with a soulmate could have the such power, love and impact to change your entire life and be of the same importance as a relationship that lasts for a lifetime. 
There are also long relationships that are completely lacking both energy and love, as well as there are friendships that over time grown in to love. And vice versa. 
Look for the beauty in all relationships. And think of every relationship as a beautiful pearl on your neckless of life. When you are doing this, it will feel less painful and you can choose to see what kind of experience you got from it as well as what you did learn. 

My wish for you is that you will be able to see that every challenge provides an opportunity to discover a deeper meaning to life. An ending is also a new beginning and can shed light on something that has been hidden or you didn’t understand at the time.
When you are able to take a step back and see the bigger picture, the missing piece of the puzzle often fall into place and you will understand why things had to unfold the way that they did.

Our life is full of transformations. 
Everything we are going through; learning, love, relationships, betrayals, friendship and so on, gives us experience, transforms us and helps us evolve in to something more than what we were before. A new shape if you’d like. This gives us an opportunity to discover a deeper meaning of life. There are many chapters in our book of life, the book that is the story that becomes you, my friend. 
Enjoy your life, your love and your transformation. 
Now a new chapter begins, a transformation is coming as well as a new beginning.

All unfolding for your highest purpose.